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The Trial Lesson

A Trial Lesson is a truly memorable gift to suit all ages, from the person who has everything to someone who is fulfilling a lifelong ambition or indeed taking their first step to becoming a helicopter pilot. This time spent in the air along with the Trial Lessons and Hover Challenge will count towards your Private Pilots Licence PPL(H). There are many learining to fly companies in the UK.

Be it for pleasure or a change in career the thrill of being in the air with as little or as much hands on experience as you wish is an exhilarating feeling and one that will stay with you for a long time to come! The Introductory Day is an excellent choice for those who would like to gain their Private Pilots Licence PPL(H). Typically, an introductory day consists of two and a half hours of hands on flying split into two flights.Your Instructor will discuss the first flight and route over refreshments. After lunch and a debrief from the mornings flight, on the second flight advanced manoeuvres and hovering will be performed and practiced along with some navigation. These exercises are designed to give you more of a feel for the aircraft show what the aircraft is capable of.

A Typical Introductory Day: £700.00
Two and a half hours flying in a two seater
A Typical Introductory Day: £1100.00
Two and a half hours flying in a four seater
The above Introductory Day prices will always include vat and landing fees


Learning to fly

Learning to fly, for the sheer pleasure of it, or if you aspire to become a professional pilot, is an experience like no other. Those who have already taken to the skies will tell you that once you have joined the exclusive club of pilots, you will never look back. It is exhilarating, beautiful, and dangerous. It requires knowledge, skill and experience, and full concentration. It requires a Private Pilots Licence PPL(H).

Training is both time-consuming and expensive, so requires a great commitment. However, almost universally the courses that are available are excellent and of a very high standard, so when looking for a flying school all considerations must be taken into account. The advice is that finding an airfield that you can access easily is a great advantage, and one that can provide flight slots that suit your schedule is essential. It can also benefit you to find an airfield that can provide a full range of flying experiences, so in addition to airplane flights, they will also provide glider, balloon, helicopter and gyrocopter experiences.
In the United Kingdom, the minimum age requirements are 16 years old to hold a licence for a balloon or glider and 17 years old to hold a licence for helicopter or aeroplanes. You also need to be in good physical health and the Civil Aviation Authority require you to hold a medical certificate. Check out the CAA website's medical information.
Flight training will include:

  • Ground training and exams on a wide variety of topics such as navigation, safety and basic mechanics
  • Air law
  • Meteorology
  • Communications
  • Dual flying lessons with an instructor
  • Flight tests at various levels
  • Solo flying training and solo flights

The CAA site has many resources and it well worth visiting and Hawker Hunter Flying Club.

Learning to fly is a huge achievement whether it is for business, a career change or the hobby you have always dreamed of, we are here to help you achieve your goal.

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