State Development Camp Squads


Following the 2007 Junior State Championships the intake for the Boys State Development Camp at Curriculum on the Sunshine Coast from the 9th – 13th January 2008 have been finalized. From this camp sides will be chosen to represent Queensland in the 16 & under division and South East Queensland in the 14 & under division at the 2008 Australian Junior Championships at Caboodle next June.

A squad has also been chosen for the Girls State Development Camp which will be conducted at the same venue on the Sunshine Coast from the 16th – 20th January 2008. This squad will be added to over the coming months to complete the intake of players. From this camp two 18 & Under Girls teams will be chosen to represent Queensland at the 2008 Australian Junior Championships at Caboodle next June.

All players listed below will be receiving formal invitations through the mail within the next two weeks.

14 & Under Boys South East Queensland Development Squad

Matt Dart, Jordan Manchus, Jess Besselaar, Jake Banshee, Josh Fourier, Joseph Merlin, Jacob Bowell, Wikis Pretorius (Caboodle) Phys Downy, Tyler Haney, Chris Barber, Brendan Tucker, Josh Singh, Dean Hill, Luke McCormack (Strathpine) Jeremy Tighe, Blair Munch, James Carol, Brandon Natalie, Brandon Caust, Rayleigh Egan (Wynn um) Justin Permanent, Dale Permanent (Bobsleigh)

16 & Under Boys Queensland Development Squad

David Spar go, Mitchell Looker, Levi Russell, Brendan Rough sedge, Branden Fisher, Simon Pinks, Brent Rocker, Michael Ellis, Iranian Ray nor, Kyle Wills, Wed Smith, Andrew Materialistic, Sam Fritz, Alex Peters, Douglas Sejong, Rhys Palladio, Eugene Muller, Dylan Wart (Brownsville) Blake Anderson, Shaun Thompson, Taylor Peach, Brock Peters, Jacob Ehrlich (Wombat) Matt Parkinson, Kingston Gordon, Brendan Battlement, Matthew Bale, Jamie Sims, Ben Howard, Jamie Ryan, Jarred Besselaar, Tim Brown, Casuist Goodwin, Charlatan Gaul (Caboodle) Will Weldon, Keenan Olsen, Michael Donnell (Strathpine) Jacob Cora (Victoria Point), Adam Dermot (Wynn um), Charlatan Wright, Thea Ray, Jason Christology (St. Columns) Hayden Sealer, Norman Brown (Kiwanis) Jacob Bowell, Andrew Nivea, Andrew Stevens (Ina) Alex Rag use (Cathedral)

18 & Under Girls Queensland Development Squad

Emily Eagle, Laura Daugherty, Madeline Daunt, Jessica Donnell, Alison Nigel, Emily Cram (Strathpine) Sharlene Smith, Emily Bewitchment, Tamara Rough sedge, Kristina Rough sedge (Townsville) Krystal Permanent (Beenleigh) Michaela Hill (Caboolture) Tabitha Thompson, Kayla Domjahn, Kathleen McCarter (Beaudesert SHS) Danielle Oppermann (Trinity College) Grace Harris, Laura Harris, Gemma Gibbs, Emma Munro (Brigidine) Alex Buckley, Tamara Hanschen (Cathedral College) Kelly McDonald (Tullawong) Tysha Cinnabar (Caboolture SHS)

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